Family Safety Awareness for Victorians


The Challenge

How might we make Family Violence easy to understand?

In Family Violence itself, most victims are female and experience family violence at the hands of their male intimate partner.  

The Outcome

With the agenda to, 

  1. understand the perception of family violence and create awareness

  2. complete the first double diamond to explore problem pace and define problem

Our Design Players kicked off the session with empathy building exercises to delve deep into the different perspectives and roles that are present in Family Violence.

Why Design Thinking?

There are many forms of family violence. It can easily fall between the cracks and go unnoticed. It is an issue that has plagued our society since before our time. 

The Design Thinking approach allows us to ruminate on Family Safety and challenge our preconceived assumptions.

It gives us a better understanding of the situation and empowers us to take the first step towards making a change in our society. 

To educate and be mindful of the different faces of violence

With role-playing exercises to personify each different character, our Design Players stepped out of their comfort zone to truly empathise and feel the different perspectives of the players in a violent situation.

Special thanks to our sponsor Outware Mobile for kindly providing the venue and drinks.

Photo Credit: Evon Tan

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