Design Jam for Mental Health: Understanding Mindfulness


The Challenge

How might we encourage mindfulness and design for a healthy mental health?

‘Mindfulness’ simply means paying attention to the present moment. Practising mindfulness can help you to cope with everyday life and deal with tough times. It can also help you to concentrate, relax and be more productive.

The Outcome

The agenda of the Design Jam is to,

  1. focus on being present, self-aware and mindful of mental health

  2. complete second double diamond to conceptualise and deliver solutions

Our Design Players emulated great (and busy) minds like Elon Musk, Walt Disney and Mark Zuckerberg, in order to understand and empathise with concepts that can help us break the cycle of being busy and in a hurry constantly.

Why Design Thinking?

In a world that celebrates the loud cadences of change and connectivity, our minds are constantly on overdrive and we are burdened with busyness and hurry.

The Design Thinking approach allows us to take a logical perspective and remove the stigma that comes with mental health.

It gives us a better understanding of our peers who and empowers us to take the first step towards making mental health a priority.

Be mindful, present and let’s make mental health our priority

Through walking in the shoes of what it is like in a day of someone burdened with the hustle and bustle of life, our Design Players were empowered to design solutions that help each other to make mindfulness accessible for everyone.

Special thanks to our sponsors: YBF Ventures with their beautiful space and Academy Xi for generously providing the prizes for our Design Players.

This Design Jam is in partnership with Smiling Mind, a 100% not-for-profit organisation that works to make mindfulness accessible to all. Proceeds of all tickets will be donated to Smiling Mind and matched 1:1 by Shout, a 0% commission fees digital fundraising platform founded by ANZ.

Photo Credit: Dan Setiawan