We curate workshops and activities that are fun, interactive and hands-on for participants to learn and experiment the principles of Design Thinking.

Every session is carefully curated based on topic, participants and social partners.


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Signature Fishing Game

Materials: DTG Signature Prompts

Fishing is Design Thinking Game’s signature warm-up exercise.

The purpose is to build empathy by opening up conversations to help us relate to the people next to us.

Time Frame: 10 min
Group Size: 5-40
Facilitation Level: Beginner
Comfort Zone: Medium

Lost in Translation

Materials: Sharpies, Pen & Paper

Very often, we find ourselves victims of our own assumptions.

This exercise is designed to simplify and interpret text and visuals when verbal communication is not an option. 

Time Frame: 5 min
Group Size: 4
Facilitation Level: Beginner
Comfort Zone: Medium

A Day in the Life

Materials: Sharpies, Paper

More than just mapping the journey of our users, this is set in the experiential dimension.

It nurtures our empathy and helps us to identify the gaps that we have in our understanding of our users' life.

Time Frame: 15 min
Group Size: 4-6
Facilitation Level: Intermediate
Comfort Zone: Hard


Problem Definition

Materials: DTG Template, Sharpies, Paper

Defining your problem is essential for any project. We want to determine your problem space and align your team's expectations. 

Time Frame: 10 min
Group Size: 4-6
Facilitation Level: Advance
Comfort Zone: Hard

Persona Creation

Materials: DTG Persona Prompts, Sharpies, Post-Its, Paper

This storytelling exercise is relatable and humanises your project, especially for your stakeholders. 

Time Frame: 15 min
Group Size: 4-6
Facilitation Level: Intermediate
Comfort Zone: Medium


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