We believe in creating a safe, exploratory and most importantly, playful environment to get creative. 

We have worked with organisations in NFP and Government sectors on meaningful, real-world problems and social causes.

Each session is designed to help you learn and make a difference with design thinking.



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Episode 4

2nd november 2017

Family Safety is the responsibility of all Victorians. Every child has the right to a fulfilling life.

How might we raise family safety awareness in our community?


episode 3

17th august 2017

On any given night in Australia,
1 in 200 people are homeless. We often neglect the visible and invisible aspects of Homelessness.

How might we encourage community awareness of Homelessness in Victoria?


episode 2

27th june 2017

The United Nations has reported a record of 65 million refugees today.

How might we improve educational outcomes for children and youth - particularly girls - in emergency situations?



episode 1

5th april 2017

"Creativity comes from unlikely juxtapositions." - Negroponte

How might we bridge the disconnect between introversion and extroversion, while creating a collaborative environment?



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