Open Ideo: Healthy Bones Healthy Ageing Challenge


The Challenge

Close to 2 million Australians have an osteoporosis-related condition. That is 1 in every 10 of us.

Typically asymptomatic, osteoporosis is a condition in which bones become weak and brittle. Of the diagnosed, 3/4s are women and the risk of bone fractures increases significantly as we age. (Source: Jean Hailes for Women's Health).

The data doesn’t seem that terrifying at the moment, but if we factor the rapid ageing population, these numbers are sure to rise.

At the core of Design Thinking Games, we believe in giving the less advantaged a voice. To lead by example, we are choosing to be courageous and we are starting the dialogue on aged care — a topic that is too often shrugged off with ignorance and sometimes, indifference. Episode 7 is dedicated to OpenIdea’s Healthy Bones Healthy Ageing Challenge.

The Outcome

The agenda of Episode 07

  1. start the dialogue of a difficult topic like aged healthcare

  2. design healthcare for our future selves

Our incredibly talented and creative #DesignPlayers conceptualised solutions ranging from a monitoring app (for healthcare providers) to community outreach programs.

Repurposing Existing Tech to Impact Healthcare

One of our favourites of the night at Episode 07 was from Kriti, Anna and Thaís. Repurposing the existing Voice Assistants like Alexa and Siri, the team conceptualised voice UX with patient assistive reminders and prompts. It was impressive and truly inspiring, hearing how we can change the world with existing technologies.

We hope you have submitted your ideas to OpenIdeo!!

Here is the link to take the leap:

Special thanks to our sponsors Cogent and Altitude Recruitment for the beautiful space, workshop materials, food and drinks for our fellow Design Players.

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