Design Jam for Mental Health: The Age of Loneliness


The Challenge

In an era where technology is meant to connect us, it has created a newly profound sense of loneliness

Living in this remarkable digital age, we are given the power to instant gratification, access to people, relationships and...things. Fast growing as a mental health concern, loneliness has silently crept into our lives. It is sobering that even though we are becoming hyper-connected through technology, many are beginning to experience loneliness in their day-to-day. But, why? What is happening? And, how?

The Outcome

The agenda of the Design Jam are to,

  1. understand why loneliness is affecting so many of us

  2. how we can reframe and use technology to do good instead

From homely meals to social media applications, the purpose is one and the same — we are all looking to foster a meaningful connection. It was a beautiful day of rumination and learning to be empathetic, vulnerable with our fellow humans.

Sneak preview!!

Why Design Thinking?

Design thinking is the deliberate and intentional process of making something to achieve a desired outcome.

At Design Thinking Games, we believe in using an activity-based and playful approach to look at social issues. It helps us to create a safe and exploratory space to talk about difficult topics that might affect us or the people close to us.

There is no judgment and there is no criticism. It gives us the tools and skills to understand and move through the problem space to help us ideate for solutions.

Foster a Meaningful Connection

Our solutions varied from reframing technology by creating social media applications that translates virtual behaviour to real-life, to physical real-world solutions like meal-kits and food sharing workshops. Loneliness is a feeling that any of us might feel. It is heart-warming to know that we are never alone.

Special thanks to our sponsors Microsoft and Itty Bitty Apps for the beautiful space, workshop materials, food and drinks for our fellow Design Players.