Global Children's Designathon 2018: Life on Land


The Challenge

How might we save life on land?

As part of our gender equality series at Design Thinking Games, we have been exploring unconscious biases and stereotypes. We want to change our narrative, and what better place to start than with young people?

The Outcome

The agenda of the Global Children’s Designathon 2018 is to,

  1. understand why life on land is threatened

  2. help children understand that they too can have a role in coming up with ideas to save life on land

Our little Design Thinkers were enthusiastic to draw their concepts and with the help of our facilitators, started prototyping and making their ideas come to live using recycled materials that we have gathered for this workshop.

Why Design Thinking?

Here at Design Thinking Games, we believe in the power of play as a tool to teach, learn, and share. Our children are experts at play, so why don’t we learn from our little thinkers and create a better world?

We designed our curriculum with an emphasis of Design Thinking Games’ play-approach to stimulate our younger generation to think different and embrace their creativity.

We hope to empower our future generation, never to forget the power of play and change the world with design.

Our future in safe hands

One of our favourites is Ecomeeshaya (a mash of Meesha & Inaya, our young thinkers), a sustainable community where humans can live with minimal impact on the environment. Ecomeeshaya has three main features: a floating house (think: “floating” treehouse), underwater homes and underground highways. All aimed to provide the comforts of modern living with almost no disruption to the environment.

Special thanks to our sponsor IBM Studios Melbourne + MYOB Melbourne for kindly providing the amazing venue, workshop materials, food and beverages for our little ones.

Photo Credit: Dan Setiawan