Bridging the Disconnect of Introversion and Extroversion


The Challenge

How might we bridge the disconnect between Introversion and Extroversion, while creating a collaborative environment?

We have observed that design meetups revolve around presentations and guest speakers, where interaction with others are constrained and limited — this, is made harder for Introverts.

The Outcome

For our first meet up, the agenda was to:

  • use Design Thinking to create a collaborative environment for Introverts and Extroverts

  • help our Design Players to make genuine connections at the end of the session

Design Players were successful to empathise with both Introversion and Extroversion. It helped to consciously create an environment where Design Players felt safe to interact and prototype ideas that could improve their meetup experience.

Why Design Thinking?

Creative people are both Introverts and Extroverts. It is not so much about the individual but more on finding the balance that creates an environment safe for exploration and collaboration. 

"Creativity comes from unlikely juxtapositions." - Negroponte

We want to use the Design Thinking Process to help us empathise with our peers and bridge the disconnect between Introverts and Extroverts in a world that celebrates the loud cadences of discussions. 

Encourage creativity with diversity and inclusivity

Using interactive games curated based on the Design Thinking Process, we build an exploratory and playful space that is safe for you to learn and network with your peers.   

Special thanks to our sponsor Odecee, A Cognizant Digital Business, for kindly providing the venue, food and drinks.

Photo Credit: Benny Ko